Hi, I'm Monica.
Head of UMS
Innovation Center

Software Engineer & Visual Artist.

Specialising in rich interactive applications for tablet, desktop and mobile.

I have a passion for creating beautiful, simple, and usable apps for both web and native. Working in the Web/RIA industry since 2001, I started out building e-commerce solutions in ASP. By day, I'm working as Head of UMS Innovation Center at Unified Messaging Systems Inc. Former Senior Consultant at WebStep Inc. and software engineer at CellVision Inc. Main focus being app development, graphic design and Usability. By night, I'm running my own company, developing mobile apps.

Love the life you live. Live the life you love

Head of UMS Innovation Center

Head of UMS Innovation center at Unified Messaging Systems ASA, one of the world’s leading companies in Populations Alert Systems. Managing our company's SaaS products and our distributed development team currently located in Bergen, Oslo, Sandnes, India and Belarus. Our development team consists of both in-house resources as well as consultants.

We have more than 1,200 customers worldwide reaching over 150 million people with our systems for public notifications. Their solutions enable utilities, public services and businesses to reach citizens with critical information. UMS uses advanced location based services and analytical software to innovate communication and develop new solutions to improve quality of life. Read more about UMS at www.umsalert.com

Senior Consultant

Full-Stack Senior Software Developer Consultant for Webstep Inc. A Scandinavian high-end software consultancy. Webstep employ highly skilled and talented consultants with impressive grades and a documented ability to translate learning skills and techniques into business results. My time as a consultant was spend working on Sparebanken Vests online banking facilities for both web and native. Read more about Webstep at www.webstep.com

Software Engineer

Working on CellVision's customer communication and network visualisation solution, mBoss. Main focus being front-end development, UI/UX design, and mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Indie App Developer

Developing Educational Games - currently for the iOS platform, for both iPhone and iPads, using Cocos2D. Trying to learn more about animation techniques and visual effects.

Visual Artist

Starting out as an illustrator and designer. I love doing work that involves drawing, painting, graphic design, animation, and illustration. Passionate about company identity design.


By being curious, carefully listening and observing, I get an understanding of the customers needs and start thinking of suitable solutions meeting those needs. As a user experience designer and developer I seek to fill those needs while also making sure to design and develop an engaging user experience. This require strong problem solving skills and being able to provide both analytical and creative ideas to the table.

Being a multi-disciplinary gives me a deeper understanding of how to translate projects from design-stages to finished products, understanding the bottlenecks in a project, what is achievable within the given timeframe and the possibilities in what can be developed, which is all needed if the product is to be delivered on time and to budget.

Observation and Desireare the keys to creativity


App development, Xamarin Test Cloud & Continuous Integration - Part 1

We knew we wanted to improve our workflow and have better quality assurance

This summer, starting our HeartStarter v.2.0 project, a Xamarin.Forms mobile app for both iOS and Android, we knew we wanted to improve our workflow and have better quality assurance. Thus we decided to start writing and submitting our UI tests to Xamarin Test Cloud, and setting up continuous integration for all our apps. These topics will be covered in two blog posts: Part 1 - How writing, running and submitting UI tests to Tamarin Test Cloud, and a Part 2 - Setting up Continuous Integration for your Apps.


Thinking big – while covering the smaller needs

The idea behind the TRV-app is simple: to make everyday life simpler

«Reaching people when it matters most» is UMS’ motto, a promise we always keep in mind in our daily work at the Innovation Centre. Our job is to develop new technological solutions to help our customers reach people when it matters most. But when does it really «matter most»?

Improved information flow

The need to know with absolute certainty that you are able to convey information in situations of crisis is steadily increasing. We often hear the world grows smaller and smaller, while the global society’s total risk picture seems to become ever more extensive. One of UMS’ most important tasks is to ensure safety for citizens through establishing efficient real time communication in situations where every second counts..


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